Thursday, 12 November 2009

You Got the Love

I still haven't even heard an original song by the XX but apparently they're the biggest band in the world at the moment? This remix is incredible. Avaliable 15th November for download from Island Records.

XX Myspace

Thursday, 15 October 2009



After hearing their incredible remix of Timberlee's Gunny Gunny we dug a little deeper and found about 10 billion other amazingly brilliant and weird tunes that schlachthofbronx have remixed or produced themselves. Here's a remix of Madera Limpia they've recently completed and a link to their soundcloud page to check out the rest of their tunes!

Madera Limpia - La Lenta (schlachthofbronx Remix)

Schlachthofbronx's Sound Cloud page

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Western Jam


So we've kept this one on lock for a while to ensure everyone is kept happy but we feel our dirty little secret needs to come out, so cop the remix below and rinse it for all it's worth!

Tomb Crew - Wester Jam (Chase & Status Refix)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hot City


Hot City have been appearing on our radar for a while now, being name dropped by all the right people but either through lazyness or ignorance we haven't really investigented fully, until now. With three releases so far and more on the way its vital you take notice before you've missed out. Grab the incredible 2steppy madness that is 'Head Work' below and play it until you get sick of it, which will be never.

Hot City - Head Work (192kbps)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tomb Crew Do France!!


We recently took a break from the shitty weather in England to go party with our good friends at clek clek boom and perfect hand crew. These were possible the best tomb crew shows outside of the UK, check the video below and the Flickr by clicking the picture above!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yo Mama! Easter weekend!!!

Yo Mama! is back for yo ass! AND DJ GUY IS IN THE HOUSE! Boy are we excited about this one. Part of the Non Stop DJ's and Europes biggest booty dj has decided to grace us with his presence. He's been tearing it up for longer than you've known about music boyee!

When I say 'excited', what we really mean is that I've caked my draws.

For those that don't know, Yo Mama! has nothing to with Tomb Crew and the styles that you would normally hear us play. Yo Mama! is all about Baltimore Club, Classic Hip Hop and R&B, Baile Funk, Miami Bass, Hip House and loads of ghetto goodness. Strictly no Dubstep, Electro, Garage whatever, just party vibes!!

There'll also be be some free giveaways (if we can get ourselves in gear fast enough).

Yo Mama! is so fat her blood type is Ragu.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

And if you don't know, now you know...

Our party. This Saturday. No hype.