Tuesday, 27 May 2008


You know what time it is. On a birthday tip this time:


Cake, candles, special guest & surprises, but most importantly: the most shower tunes & exclsuive riddims you're used to hearing from the biggest crew in the game.

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What We've Been Up To

This year's already been super busy - and we're not even half way through yet! We've done so much & been so many places already, we thought we'd give you a little catch up:

No Pain In Pop VS Deadly Rhythm
These guys always know how to throw a great party & this was no exception. Drums of Death tore the place down with some DJing/MCing that got the crowd hype beyond belief. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better..."TOMB CREW'S IN THE BUILDING!". We shook that place off the hinges! Wiley came in with Axeman & Danny Weed & the place was rammed & just far too hype. Can't wait to play the Amersham Arms again.

New York
We went to the Big Apple & tore it down at The Hiro Ballroom, Trouble & Bass and Starkey/Dev79's night "The Straight Dope" to name, but a few. After that, we ate at diners and bought the freshest garms!

Dirty Canvas
We've wanted to do Dirty Canvas for ages, but somehow, our schedules always end up clashing. We finally got to tear it down & it didn't disappoint. The crowd were hype & guest spots came in the form of Badness & Axeman. Oneman killed it, as did Spyro, before Wiley came out & everyone headed home with huge smiles on their faces.

Public Enemy After Party
Yup, you read that right. Public-motherf*ckin-Enemy. Your boy JPeg repped for TC & spun tracks for the living legend that is Chuck D. The Bomb Squad found out that night what most of the UK already knew, Tomb Crew are the best!!

We did a Disel U Music radio show as well, but more on that soon...

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dot To Dot Festival 2008

Ok so from now on we're actually gonna start posting on this blog more than once a year, honest. We hosted a room last year at the Dot To Dot Festival with Boy Better know, Slew Dem, Neckle Camp and Ruff Sqwad which was amazing so we've decided to do the same again this year.

The final line up is:

Ghetto (The Movement)
Devlin (The Movement)
P Money (OG's)
Dot Rotten (OG's)
Griminal (NASTY)
DJ Magic (Dirty Canvas)
Oneman (FWD)
Rattus Rattus (Urban Nerd)
Bigger Than Barry

Buy tickets and more info here

Here's some pictures from last years event:


JME, Lee Brasco, Scholar plus others




That's all for right now....