Friday, 22 August 2008

Square Roots


I spend far too long every day on the tube and get bored of my Ipod within about 30 seconds of updating it so to actually find a mix that’s managed to make it to 3 weeks is pretty impressive. I’m on about my 30,000 listen of Square Roots first mix which includes El-B’s classic ‘Serious’ and ‘Neighbourhood’ By Zed Bias amongst others, which is available from their myspace .
As well as producing these mixes they promote an amazing night in Brighton at Audio and have previously hosted Digital Mystikz, Mary Anne Hobbs, Dexplicit, Oneman and a whole host of other amazing acts. Below is their latest offering, which based on the track listing will surpass it's predecessor. Cop that.

1. Ed Case Feat. Miss Dynamite - Deal with the matter
2. MJ Cole - Introduction
3. Point B - Gymede
4. El -B - Bubble
5. Burial - Archangel
6. Manitoba - If assholes could fly this place would be an airport
7. Hawerchuk - Caned Peas
8. Caribou - Dundad Ontario
9. Jammin - Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
10. Blazin Squad Feat. Elephant Man - Standard Flow (DnD vocal Mix)
11. Plastician - Bad boy sound
12. DIM - Discosirens edit
13. Kanji Kinitic - Trick wobbler
14. Dom Perignonn And Miss Dynamite - Got myself together (DnD Mix)
15. Burial 'Unite' Vs DJ Abstract 'Touch' - Eric Multiplex Mash up
16. Steve Gurley - Hotboys (Dub)
17. Elephant Man - Log on (Horsepower productions remix)
18. DJ Luck & Shy Cookie - Troublesome
19. Trick or Treat Vs General Levy - ?
20. Brasstooth - Celebrate life (Deeper version)
21. Brastooth - Celebrate life
22. MJ Cole - Bandelero Desparado
23. Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)