Monday, 15 December 2008

Ho(es) Ho(es Ho(es)


Just to prove that this festive season is as much about giving as receiving, we made a little xxxmas edit for you. Play it loud, and play it quickly because there's limited time left on this bad boy.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Top Ten In Ten (T.I.T.T.) part 2


The second installment of our 'Top Ten In Ten' from our Ministry of Sound Radio show which you can listen to on the Tomb Crew myspace or download below.

Download : Tomb Crew's T.T.I.T Week 2

1. 2 Live Crew - Party (2 Bit Thugs Badboy Bmore 2x2 Rerub)
2. Mujava - Township Funk (Sinden Remix)
3. Filthy Dukes - Toddla T remix
4. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin (TRG's Brooklyn to Bucharest remix)
5. Proper Villains - Piggly Wiggly
6. Rob Threezy - You Bad
7. Fish Go Deep - The Cure And The Cause
8. Silverlink ft Jammer and Badness - Message Is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8 bar mix)
9. Choppa Riddim
10. DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight VIP)

Here's the entire show featuring DJ Reecha from the Dirty Canvas crew if you happened to miss it live: here

Wednesday, 3 December 2008



Call me childish but I always find it quite amusing when an acronym spells something funny. We've started doing a top ten in ten for our Ministry of Sound Radio show which you can listen to on the Tomb Crew myspace or download below. It'll be uploaded every week after our show for you to enjoy...

P.S for those of you who are as big fans of the Big Dawg as we are, you may well recognise a similarity to his world famous feature, top ten at ten. Nuff respect Westwood, nuff respect.

Download : Tomb Crew's T.T.I.T Week 1

1. Buraka Som Sistema Ft Kano - Skank & Move
2. Benga & Coki - Night (Geeneus Remix)
3. DZ - Paint By Numbers
4. Bart Bmore - Bingo Players Get Up (Diplo Remix)
5. Grandtheft - full club
6. D Malice - Gabryelle Refix
7. Fallen - Indigo (Synkro)
8. J Treole - Loot (Sully Remix)
9. Tigerstyle - Balle! Shava (Dirty Canvas Edit of Sinden Remix Ft P Money)
10.Zomby - Rumous and Revolutions

or you can download the whole show here

Monday, 24 November 2008

Be Cool


One of our favourite dubstep producers of recent time is Canadian DZ. His tunes Down and Old Timers have been a staple in our sets for a fair while now and courtesy of DZ we've got a free tune to give you. Download, skank out and feel a bit sick

DZ - Be Cool

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Mixxxxxxxxx Mayhem...

Just a quick post to give you another way to download some of our mixes!!! and enjoy!!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Yo Mama Is Soooooo Fat....


For those of you who don't know already, as well as being in Tomb Crew a few of us run this night called Yo Mama!! with our good friends F.O.O.D Soundsystem. Rather than focusing specifically on bass driven music it showcases the best in Baltimore Club, Baile Funk, House, Hip Hop and loads more (See the player below for some examples or the slideshow for some pictures!). You can come check it is out yourself at Vibe bar on brick lane on the last Tuesday of the month (7 - 12AM) and at Catch on the second Saturday of the month(9 - 2AM) with special guests every month.

Friday, 7 November 2008

The lonely stoner

We Tomb Crew members are like brothers. And like brothers, there are many things we agree on & many we don't. For instance,we all love "Day N Nite", the Crookers produced smash hit by Kanye West protégé, Kid Cudi. However, I'm the only one in the crew who likes Dipset.
So, what to make of a Dipset remix of "Day N Nite"? The others won't admit this, but I'll bet secretly, they like it.

This will be available on both Jim Jone's upcoming album Pray For Reign & Kid Cudi's debut LP Man On The Moon

Friday, 31 October 2008


Every so often I find myself unmotivated and uninspired. Then something like this comes a long.

Monday, 27 October 2008

T to the O/M-B/that's we/so Shh Hut Yuh Muh


JME's debut solo album was released this year & in support of it, he head on a nationwide tour playing some of the UK's biggest clubs. Tomb Crew opened the show up for the Boy Better Know superstar & as you would expect, things got hectic. I was only there for two of the dates, so I'll fill you in on what happened on one of them (Nottingham).

As we kicked off the show, the crowd were anxious. They'd be listening to about an hour of old school rap & most of them looked frustrated/confused. It was a very young crowd (what with it being a 14+ gig n all), but they got skanking as soon as the first tune dropped.
Within a few minutes, hands were in the air, people were all over the place & it was rowdy as anything. A mosh pit even broke out. It was sweaty business, but you dun know the Tomb Crew DJs kept the pace going.
Seeing as our legions of screaming fans couldn't get enough
I figured it was only right, I get in & join them.
After skanking amongst the youngsters, I headed back to the stage to introduce the star himself, Jamie Adenuga. He killed it with such hits as Serious, Juju Riddim & The Wiley produced 1,2,3.

Big thanks to all who attended & shout out to JME, Julie, Maximum & all at Boy Better Know

Sister Act


Kid Sister's "Pro Nails" was a huge tune in clubland & was loved by bloggers & fans alike. Upon its release however, it failed to light up the charts (this might have something to do with the fact Kanye West gave away more than a million free copies of it on his tour, but who knows).
Despite that, it's lived on through club nights & MTV & now has a new lease of life, through this: The Rusko remix. An absolute banger of a tune, this takes all the best elements of the original & fuses them with Rusko's signature sound. Listen out for this absolutely destroying the speakers at your local disco.

Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)

Via Pinglewood


TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)

Tune of the year? That's perhaps a bold statement in a year that's seen Eastern Jam,Wearing My Rolex & others tear up dancefloors, but damn this kills it every time! We've played this at a few shows now & every time, someone comes up to me and asks what it's called. Now you know. ENjoy :)

Oh & as a bonus, here's what I think of whenever I hear that phrase:

Friday, 17 October 2008

Tale Of Two Cities


As most people know, we Tomb Crew are a globetrotting bunch. This past couple of weeks has been mental though! So, I thought I'd let you know about two of our most recent gigs.


We started the week in Manchester for an event called Monday Murkage. It's all put together by a guy called Dave Lewis, who is very big in the game (remember that name,cos he's taking over!). The night featured us & Skepta, so I don't have to tell you it went off! The crowd in Manchester are freakin awesome & they skanked like there was no tomorrow. Then, we finished the night with fried chicken, which is given away free at every Monday Murkage! :)


We stayed the night in Manchester, where I went to visit my mates at my old job (a comic book shop) & found this bargin:

The following day, the crew was split into two. J@Peg & I headed to Bristol to play a top secret gig for Topman(!) & Sugarbear & Chunk headed to Leeds with the Bigger Than Barry crew. I can't tell you how the Leeds gig went obvs, so maybe one of the other two will do a post. Bristol, however, was AMAZING. The crowd were great, the venue was amazing & we got free drinks. Including crates of Vitamin they let me have!

On the way back, J realized he'd left nearly a 100 quids worth of records in Bristol

But, then we called the venue & they'd found them!

So, all in all, an amazing start to the week. What was not so amazing, was how I felt at work the next day.

But, that's another story...

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Back in the Day Part.2

Following on from B.B. Manik's post here's a couple more Tomb Crew favourites that can't be forgotten.

Sunship - Try Me Out (Let me Lick it)

Doolally - Straight From the Heart

and one from the darker side

Corrupted Cru - G.A.R.A.G.E (DJ Narrows Remix)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Back In The Days

It's far too easy nowadays to get into the whole "things aint like they used to be" state of mind, when looking at the current state of grime/dubstep/garage etc. But, I don't think where the scene(s) has moved to is a bad thing at all. It's just evolution. And with artists like Durty Goodz, P. Money, DMZ & others about, it's hard not to get excited about bass music.

Still, I do remember simpler times & they do bring a smile to my face. So, here's something for you lot that remember garage's glory days. & for the kids too young to remember, time to get educated:

Shaun Escofery-Space Rider (Mj Cole Remix)

Lonyo - Summer Of Love

Cleptomaniacs- All I Do (Bump and Flex Dub)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Jack Got Jacked


We've all been really into what Mumdance has been doing for a long time, be it remixes, live performance or stealing beers from under the table and talking shit. This means TAKE NOTE NOW. If you haven't heard his remix of Santogold's 'Creator' go listen, you won't regret it.Here's a new mix he's finished. Download and play it over and over again.

P.S We liked Mumdance before Diplo did.

Tracklisting :
1. Wheres My Mumdance Double Drop Intro:
(TC / "Where's My Money" (Caspa remix) vs Claw / "Jersey Shore Guidos")
2. High Rankin / "No Money For Guns"
3. AC Slater / "Jack Got Jacked" (Jack Beats Remix)
4. Boabinga / "The State Of Ghetto Jackin'"
5. Vybes Kartel & Tigerstyle / "Balle! Shava!" (Sinden Remix)
6. Artwork / "Red"
7. Sticky feat. Miss Dynamite / "Boo"
8. Roll Deep Crew / "Heat Up"
9. Chase & Status / "Eastern Jam"
10. Maths Class / "Branches" (Mumdance Remix)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Square Roots


I spend far too long every day on the tube and get bored of my Ipod within about 30 seconds of updating it so to actually find a mix that’s managed to make it to 3 weeks is pretty impressive. I’m on about my 30,000 listen of Square Roots first mix which includes El-B’s classic ‘Serious’ and ‘Neighbourhood’ By Zed Bias amongst others, which is available from their myspace .
As well as producing these mixes they promote an amazing night in Brighton at Audio and have previously hosted Digital Mystikz, Mary Anne Hobbs, Dexplicit, Oneman and a whole host of other amazing acts. Below is their latest offering, which based on the track listing will surpass it's predecessor. Cop that.

1. Ed Case Feat. Miss Dynamite - Deal with the matter
2. MJ Cole - Introduction
3. Point B - Gymede
4. El -B - Bubble
5. Burial - Archangel
6. Manitoba - If assholes could fly this place would be an airport
7. Hawerchuk - Caned Peas
8. Caribou - Dundad Ontario
9. Jammin - Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
10. Blazin Squad Feat. Elephant Man - Standard Flow (DnD vocal Mix)
11. Plastician - Bad boy sound
12. DIM - Discosirens edit
13. Kanji Kinitic - Trick wobbler
14. Dom Perignonn And Miss Dynamite - Got myself together (DnD Mix)
15. Burial 'Unite' Vs DJ Abstract 'Touch' - Eric Multiplex Mash up
16. Steve Gurley - Hotboys (Dub)
17. Elephant Man - Log on (Horsepower productions remix)
18. DJ Luck & Shy Cookie - Troublesome
19. Trick or Treat Vs General Levy - ?
20. Brasstooth - Celebrate life (Deeper version)
21. Brastooth - Celebrate life
22. MJ Cole - Bandelero Desparado
23. Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

The best thing since Starks in Clark's Wallabees


So we like to think we can DJ a bit now and again. We like to think so. We've also been tinkering with some Tomb Crew productions and edits. Don't get me wrong, we by no means think that we are producers. Shit, I mean Tupac wrote poems, it didn't make him a poet. These are just a bit of fun.

So with that in mind, we decided to give you one of our edits. You may have heard us play it, you may not have, you may have even turned your nose up at it, whatever. A little mash up of two of our favorite songs, Skepta's Duppy and the legendary Wu Tang Clan's Gravel Pit. Enjoy.

Tomb Crew - Duppy Pit (Zshare)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lighter & Horns Crew


It's been a good 12 years since classic jungle started to die out and the producers moved ontoa more stripped down style of drum and bass or Jump-Up. However we've still not forgotten about the hundres of incredible tunes that were made in that all too short two year period. Although it's Shy FX's 'Original Nuttah', amongst a limited number of others, that people tend to remember as the stand out tune of the era, there's hundreds of others that desever a similar amount of limelight. Take Aladdin's 'So Good' (listen below) as example of one of the most incredibly complex and brillaint forgotten tunes of that time. This is proven by the fact we discovered it on an old Ellis Dee jungle tapepack which has nearly been played to death. With no tracklisting and no way of finding out where to get it from we finally resorted to randomly googling words and eventually got lucky. With so many now popping up in London's record exchanges and on ebay it's time they got the airing they deserved, just leave some for us.

Buy this MP3 along with other classic breakbeat and Jungle tunes here

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Top Pace Makers


After everyone has finally stopped chatting about how grime has died it appears there's room for a feature on one of the most talented MCs we've heard in a long time. After sharing the limelight with Wiley on their collaboration 'Ain't Ready', Axeman comes into his own on his first single 'These Girls'. A tune reminiscent of Dizzee's early energetic, innovative style but still sounding completely fresh. Take a listen below and head over to his myspace
for more.

Monday, 9 June 2008

2 Bit Thugs & Rico Tubbs


Two producers we've been feeling a lot recently are Rico Tubbs and 2 Bit Thugs. We discovered the former whilst attempting to find as much music as possible by the latter. 2 Bit Thugs are from Brighton and make the most disgusting bassy house music you've ever heard. A lot of jackin' house/electro/bass music has got really samey recently and upon hearing their rerub of the street's 'has it come to this' made us realise you can still do something pretty interesting with a genre that as become pretty predictable. The same can be said for Rico Tubbs (formerly of Bomfunk MCs???) who has just dropped the 'Gangsters EP'. Both are getting heavy rotation on Tomb Crew's stereo, check the samples below:

Rico Tubbs

2 Bit Thugs

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


You know what time it is. On a birthday tip this time:


Cake, candles, special guest & surprises, but most importantly: the most shower tunes & exclsuive riddims you're used to hearing from the biggest crew in the game.

. You dun know

What We've Been Up To

This year's already been super busy - and we're not even half way through yet! We've done so much & been so many places already, we thought we'd give you a little catch up:

No Pain In Pop VS Deadly Rhythm
These guys always know how to throw a great party & this was no exception. Drums of Death tore the place down with some DJing/MCing that got the crowd hype beyond belief. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better..."TOMB CREW'S IN THE BUILDING!". We shook that place off the hinges! Wiley came in with Axeman & Danny Weed & the place was rammed & just far too hype. Can't wait to play the Amersham Arms again.

New York
We went to the Big Apple & tore it down at The Hiro Ballroom, Trouble & Bass and Starkey/Dev79's night "The Straight Dope" to name, but a few. After that, we ate at diners and bought the freshest garms!

Dirty Canvas
We've wanted to do Dirty Canvas for ages, but somehow, our schedules always end up clashing. We finally got to tear it down & it didn't disappoint. The crowd were hype & guest spots came in the form of Badness & Axeman. Oneman killed it, as did Spyro, before Wiley came out & everyone headed home with huge smiles on their faces.

Public Enemy After Party
Yup, you read that right. Public-motherf*ckin-Enemy. Your boy JPeg repped for TC & spun tracks for the living legend that is Chuck D. The Bomb Squad found out that night what most of the UK already knew, Tomb Crew are the best!!

We did a Disel U Music radio show as well, but more on that soon...

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dot To Dot Festival 2008

Ok so from now on we're actually gonna start posting on this blog more than once a year, honest. We hosted a room last year at the Dot To Dot Festival with Boy Better know, Slew Dem, Neckle Camp and Ruff Sqwad which was amazing so we've decided to do the same again this year.

The final line up is:

Ghetto (The Movement)
Devlin (The Movement)
P Money (OG's)
Dot Rotten (OG's)
Griminal (NASTY)
DJ Magic (Dirty Canvas)
Oneman (FWD)
Rattus Rattus (Urban Nerd)
Bigger Than Barry

Buy tickets and more info here

Here's some pictures from last years event:


JME, Lee Brasco, Scholar plus others




That's all for right now....