Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lighter & Horns Crew


It's been a good 12 years since classic jungle started to die out and the producers moved ontoa more stripped down style of drum and bass or Jump-Up. However we've still not forgotten about the hundres of incredible tunes that were made in that all too short two year period. Although it's Shy FX's 'Original Nuttah', amongst a limited number of others, that people tend to remember as the stand out tune of the era, there's hundreds of others that desever a similar amount of limelight. Take Aladdin's 'So Good' (listen below) as example of one of the most incredibly complex and brillaint forgotten tunes of that time. This is proven by the fact we discovered it on an old Ellis Dee jungle tapepack which has nearly been played to death. With no tracklisting and no way of finding out where to get it from we finally resorted to randomly googling words and eventually got lucky. With so many now popping up in London's record exchanges and on ebay it's time they got the airing they deserved, just leave some for us.

Buy this MP3 along with other classic breakbeat and Jungle tunes here

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