Sunday, 5 October 2008

Back In The Days

It's far too easy nowadays to get into the whole "things aint like they used to be" state of mind, when looking at the current state of grime/dubstep/garage etc. But, I don't think where the scene(s) has moved to is a bad thing at all. It's just evolution. And with artists like Durty Goodz, P. Money, DMZ & others about, it's hard not to get excited about bass music.

Still, I do remember simpler times & they do bring a smile to my face. So, here's something for you lot that remember garage's glory days. & for the kids too young to remember, time to get educated:

Shaun Escofery-Space Rider (Mj Cole Remix)

Lonyo - Summer Of Love

Cleptomaniacs- All I Do (Bump and Flex Dub)


Pelski said...

yo i didn't really like all the old stuff anyways. I like all this new innovation - old garage's too cheesy. These days at least it's not embarassing to admit liking fact, nowadays it's kinda cool & alt.

TOMB CREW said...

but do you not think its now gone full circle and it's considered "cool" to like all the older cheesier garage since bassline and other forms of new garage have gone commercial (i.e t2 heartbroken)? or atleast I've heard a lot DJs begin to play it out specifically 'garage classic's' from around 2000 pretty regularly and become pretty popular for it

2SHIN said...

SMH at this guy fully discrediting himself after dropping the words 'cool' and 'alt'.